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Thermostatic Solutions for Your Temperature Control Applications

ThermOmegaTech® designs and manufactures precision thermal fluid system solutions for the Aerospace & Defense Industries. Our self-actuating, thermostatic valve technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse situations, where temperature control, size, reliability and repeatability are crucial.  ThermOmegaTech’s products are currently utilized in the Patriot missile launcher, Howitzer, FMTV, F16 Fighting Falcon, as freeze protection on cold water supply lines at Naval Bases, and other hydraulic fluid temperature control and electronics cooling applications in the Aerospace & Defense industries.

At the heart of each of our products is a phase-changing wax that expands and contracts at an accurate and repeatable rate. The phase change properties are so precise that they are used as primary reference standards by ASTM for instrument calibration.

Our self-actuating thermostatic technology is an elegant solution, proven highly reliable in various applications, whether in one of our current products or a design customized by our in-house engineering team to meet a customer’s unique needs.

Specializing in prototypes and highly engineered custom products, ThermOmegaTech® is the ideal solution for rapid response and turnaround to meet your specific requirements.

Aerospace & Defense

Thermostatic Solutions for Your Temperature Control Applications Aerospace and Defense

Government Facilities

Thermostatic Solutions for All Your Design Needs Government Facilities

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