Aerospace & Defense - Thermostatic Solutions

Thermostatic Solutions for your Temperature Control Applications


ThermOmegaTech® offers innovative thermostatic solutions to the Aerospace & Defense markets:

  • to protect equipment from scalding or freezing
  • for equipment enclosure temperature control
  • for electronics cooling
  • for airflow control
  • for mixing and diverting fluids
  • for thermal based permissives
  • and countless other possibilities

We specialize in the manufacturing of thermal actuators that can
be used for various applications using one of our current products
or a customized design.


Benefits of Our Thermostatic Technology:

  • No external power or signal is required
  • Our Thermoloid® material operates at temperatures ranging
    from -150°F to 300°F (-101°C – 149°C)
  • Highly repeatable position vs. temperature
  • Maintenance free – no periodic calibration
  • High reliability – long service life



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