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ThermOmegaTech® manufactures innovative, self-actuating thermostatic valves that control the temperature of fluids in a wide range of applications in the Aerospace & Defense industry. Our engineering resources and prototyping capabilities allow us to work on custom mechanical & electrical design projects from “cradle to grave”. From the initial design phase, through the machining and assembly process, and then the final testing and inspection, we have the expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure a standard of high quality for your products.

Focusing our people, our processes and our technology on your unique and specific customer requirements produces exceptional solutions every time.

Capabilities Statement

Core Competencies:

  • Expert knowledge of phase-changing thermal actuators made with highly refined paraffin wax, used to move a piston in a precise, repeatable manner, requiring no external power or signal.
  • Specialists in prototype/small volume, highly-engineered custom products.
  • In-house engineers work directly with customers and provide rapid response when a custom design is required.


  • Engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, inspection, sales, and customer service are located in one facility for maximum efficiency and effective communication.
  • 3-year average of 99.6% on-time delivery rate.
  • Our facility is 75% powered by rooftop solar panels as evidence of our strong commitment to the environment.
  • Management dedication to Lean initiatives and Continuous Improvement since 2010.

Engineering Capabilities

  • New product development and application specific designs
    Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Markets STVM Flow Stimulation
    Flow Simulation
    • Solidworks 3D CAD design
    • Solidworks flow simulation package
    • OrCAD/Cadence – electronics design
  • Reverse engineering- obsolete and single source parts
  • Prototyping – machined or 3D printed designs
  • R&D testing
    • Test stand for pressure, temperature and flow measurements with wireless DAQ capabilities
      Capabilities Aerospace & Defense Markets 3D Modeling
      3D Modeling
    • Electronics lab
    • Model shop
  • Project management – planning, scheduling, and resource forecasting
  • Customer technical support

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Precision machining – state of the art CNC turning & milling centers
    Capabilities Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Markets CNC Machine
    CNC Machine
    • Preactor Scheduling S/W
    • FeatureCAM Programming S/W
    • Custom Data Logging S/W
  • Excellent quality control – Full part and lot traceability
    • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Product testing
    Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Markets CMM Machine
    CMM Machine
    • Multi-station automated test stand
    • Aqueous & hi-temp oil test baths
    • Environmental chambers
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Intricate small part and electrical/electronic assembly