ThermOmegaTech® offers innovative thermostatic solutions to the Aerospace & Defense industries in the areas of freeze protection, scald protection, electronics cooling, thermal bypass, cooling system control, airflow control and countless other possibilities. All our products used in the Aerospace & Defense industries have full part and lot traceability and comply with global and regulatory standards.

We specialize in the manufacturing of thermal actuators that can be used for various applications to control temperature in one of our current valves or a custom design. Below are some of our valves and the solutions they provide. To see some examples of how our products can be used , check out our Applications.

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Thermal Actuators

ThermOmegaTech’s thermal actuators are made with our Thermoloid® paraffin wax-blend technology. The actuator changes phase from solid-to-liquid or liquid-to-solid in response to temperature variations to extend or retract a piston. We can blend our Thermoloid® material to operate at temperatures ranging from -150°F to 300°F (-101°C to 149°C) to accommodate a wide range of applications. Completely mechanical, these require no outside source of electricity to operate.


  • Actuators applied to mechanisms for various temperature applications
  • Linear (heated) Actuator – force/stroke
  • Thermal based permissives / latching mechanism

Past Projects

Airflow control on aircraft
Release mechanism for underwater buoys using a linear heated actuator

Aerospace & Defense Products & Solutions Thermal Actuators

Thermal Bypass Valves

ThermOmegaTech’s thermal bypass valves (TBV) control fluid temperature to keep a system operating at the optimal temperature which reduces system wear and eliminates excessive heat damage. These TBV’s modulate fluid temperature by shifting return line flow through a cooler/heat exchanger, or bypassing it directly to the reservoir.


  • Electronics system cooling
  • Hydraulic fluid cooling systems
  • Hydraulic thermal bypass
  • Lube oil cooling control
  • Lube oil thermal bypass

Aerospace & Defense Products & Solutions Mixing and Diverting Valves

Past Projects

Fluid temperature control on missile launcher
Electronics cooling on aircraft

Freeze Protection Valves

ThermOmegaTech’s freeze protection valves can be used in countless applications where there is a resupply water system to prevent piping from freezing. These valves are installed to monitor either ambient or water temperature and will modulate open to bleed off the cold water when the temperature reaches 35°F (1.7°C), to allow warmer water to back fill. Once the water temperature rises to 40°F (4.4°C) the valve will modulate closed again conserving water, reducing energy consumption, and overall saving money.


  • Freeze protection for airplane lavatories
  • Freeze protection for cold water supply lines

Past Projects

Freeze protection for dry-docked naval ships

Aerospace & Defense Products & Solutions Freeze Protection Valves

Scald Protection Valves

ThermOmegaTech’s HAT and TV/HAT valves can be used in countless applications to control fluid temperature. In Aerospace, these valves are used as over-temperature protection of cold water lines on an aircraft. The valves monitor fluid temperature and will modulate closed when excessive temperatures are detected, preventing scalding of passengers and crew. The valves will not reopen until the fluid temperature falls back below the set point of the valve.


  • Scald protection in commercial airplane galleys

Past Projects

Scald protection in airplane galleys

Aerospace & Defense Products & Solutions Scald Protection Valves

Thermal Relief Valves for Pumps

ThermOmegaTech’s thermal relief valves protect pumps and pump seals from over-temperature damage. These valves monitor fluid temperature and will modulate open when the temperature reaches the set point of the valve, discharging the over temperature fluid. As the outlet temperature begins to fall, the valve will modulate toward the closed position, reducing flow.


  • Thermal relief on booster pumps to keep them cool during idling
  • Controlling cooling water outlet temperature
  • Controlling flow of cooling water, glycol or other cooling media applications
    requiring economical removal of heat from equipment or a process

Products & Solutions Thermal Relief for Pumps

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