ThermOmegaTech® offers cutting-edge thermostatic solutions for Government Facilities in the areas of hot water recirculation system balancing, freeze protection, scald protection, drain water tempering, thermal bypass, thermal relief for pumps, high temperature shutoff, electronics cooling, and countless other possibilities.

We specialize in the manufacturing of thermal actuators that can be used for various applications in one of our current products or a customized design. Below are some of the solutions our products provide. To see some examples of how our products can be used , check out our Applications.

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Mixing & Diverting Valves

Our 3-way thermostatic Mixing and Diverting valves (M/D) have internal port switching devices that automatically mix or divert fluids in proportion to temperature in any fluid system. They can operate as thermal bypass valves (TBV) to divert fluid to a cooling or heating mechanism when temperature varies from targeted range or bypass it to a reservoir or bypass loop when fluid temperatures are satisfied. This action assures rapid system warm-up, accurate control of fluid temperature, and reduced back pressure in the return.

In diverting or bypass mode these valves redirect fluid to 1 of 2 ports based on temperature. In mixing mode the valves control to a constant fluid outlet temperature. These valves are available in a variety of sizes, temperatures, materials and port positions to meet your specific applications needs.


Pump Thermal Relief Valves

The ECONO/HAT-RA protects cold water supply pumps and pump seals from over-temperature damage by continuously modulating between open and closed to control the fluid temperature inside the pump casing. This self-actuating valve is ideal for thermal relief of booster pumps, controlling cooling water outlet temperature, and controlling flow of cooling water, glycol or other cooling media applications requiring economical removal of heat from equipment or a process.

The HAT/RA-HP works the same way as the ECONO/HAT-RA, but is rated for higher pressure systems. It’s maximum operating pressure is 1000 PSIG (69 BAR) which permits it to be used as a thermal relief valve on many fire pumps and high-pressure water pumps.

High Temperature Shutoff Valves

The HST (High Sample Temperature), HAT (Heat Actuated Trap), or TV/HAT (Tube Valve Heat Actuated Trap) can be used in sampling systems to protect downstream analyzers, instruments and personnel from high temperature damage. These thermostatic valves are installed after the sample cooler as a fail safe to sense the sample temperature and close off preventing flow when the sample temperature exceeds the valve set point. Once the sample fluid temperature cools below the set point of the valve again it will reopen and resume flow. The HST is rated for 3000 PSIG (207 BAR) which makes it ideal for high pressure applications.


Freeze Protection Valves

Our self-actuating HAT/FP & IC/FP valves protect piping, condensate systems, safety showers, combination face/eyewash stations, and cold water supply lines from freezing. The HAT/FP valves can monitor either the ambient or water temperature and will automatically modulate open, bleeding off the cold water and allowing warmer water to backfill to prevent freeze damage. Once the temperature rises back above the set point of the valve it will automatically close to conserve water.

The IC/FP valves  are purely fluid temperature sensing since they are tee’d into the supply line which makes them ideal for backup protection on heat traced lines. IC/FP valves are installed within the heated system.

These valves eliminate the human errors associated with manual valves reducing energy consumption and often resulting in significant utility savings.

Scald Protection Valves

Our self-actuating HAT/SP & IC/SP valves protect personnel from being scalded when they activate a safety shower or combination face/eyewash station. Piping can overheat from solar radiation or steam/electric tracing which can result in extremely high temperatures at the point of use if the excessively hot water is not eliminated. The HAT/SP valves can monitor either the ambient or water temperature and will automatically modulate open bleeding off the excessively hot water and allowing cooler water to backfill. Once the temperature coolers back below the set point of the valve it will automatically close to conserve water.

The IC/SP valves are purely fluid temperature sensing since they are tee’d into the supply line which makes them ideal for heat traced lines where scald protection flow is not required unless heat tracing fails. IC/SP valves are installed within the heated system.

Balancing Valves

Our CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves automatically and continuously adjust flow to maintain the specified temperature at the end of each domestic hot water supply line in a recirculation system. The thermal actuator inside the CircuitSolver® modulates the valve between open and closed in response to changing water temperature caused by heat loss, water demand, or any other reason. This continuous, automatic response to water temperature enables each hot water branch to quickly and consistently direct hot water flow to where it is needed.

A direct replacement for manual balancing valves –  these automatic valves solve the problem of delayed hot water delivery while eliminating the need for time consuming, expensive manual balancing procedures. These valves are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your systems requirements.

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Drain Tempering Valves

The drain tempering valve (DTV) tempers down hot effluent discharge from commercial dishwashers, sterilizers, humidifiers, and boilers going to a drain or sewer to meet plumbing code requirements of temperatures not exceeding 140°F (60°C). Our rugged, clog-resistant DTV is completely self-operating in any orientation, requires no power or feedback signal, and is easy to install. Simply connect the cold water supply to the inlet and install the DTV into the drain line so the hot effluent passes over the thermal actuator of the DTV to control the flow of the cold water.

Industrial Washdown Station

The STVM® Washdown Station delivers a high temperature washdown using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and water for a constant stream of fluid at the operator’s set temperature. The simple cartridge design ensures long, uninterrupted use, silent operation, even in high mineral content water conditions and is easily in line serviceable.

Safety is our priority which is why the unit comes equipped with interlocking shut-off ball valves to prevent steam only operation and an over-temperature safety shutoff.  Our thermally actuated mixing valve will reduce flow should the output temperature exceed the factory set point (150°F/185°F) and will completely shut down 15°F above that to protect personnel.


Tepid Water Delivery System

An instantaneous and reliable source of tepid water for a safety shower and combination face/eyewash station using a facility’s existing steam & water supply. The Therm-O-Mix® Station ensures that your emergency fixtures are able to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements of 80°F (26.7°C) water for a minimum & continuous 15-minute cycle.

This compact unit is completely mechanical and requires no outside electricity or air to function, making it an essential fixture in any facility where chemicals are being handled but especially ideal for explosion-proof industrial environments.

Watch this video to learn how this Tepid Water Delivery Station operates


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