Thermal Bypass Valve - 100% mechanical

Thermal Bypass Valve = The Ultimate Backup Plan

The importance of temperature control in delicate aerospace & defense applications cannot be overstated.

Fluids that are too hot can cause reduced fluid viscosity, internal leakage, pump cavitation, and eventual component failure. Fluids that are too cold increase fluid viscosity, resulting in high stress on system components.

ThermOmegaTech’s thermal bypass valve (TBV) controls fluid temperature to keep a system operating at the optimal temperature which reduces system wear and eliminates excessive heat damage.

Our thermal bypass valve automatically and precisely diverts inlet flow to a heat exchanger or bypasses it directly to a reservoir to ensure rapid system warm-up, accurate control of fluid temperature, and reduced back pressure in the return.


  • Self-operating – 100% mechanical
  • Compact and low mass for fast response
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Few moving parts
  • Made in America

ThermOmegaTech’s thermostatic actuators and valves have a long history of success meeting the tough demands of the Aerospace & Defense Industry. Our TBVs are used to control fluid temperatures on the Patriot missile launcher radar set, self-propelled Howitzer, FMTV, F16 Fighting Falcon, multiple nitrogen carts, and more.


  • Electronics system cooling
  • Hydraulic fluid cooling systems
  • Hydraulic thermal bypass
  • Lube oil cooling control
  • Lube oil thermal bypass

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The ThermOmegaTech® Difference

We manufacture all our thermal actuators and have an in-house team of mechanical and electrical engineers, allowing us to customize our valves to meet your project’s specific requirements.

We can customize opening/closing temperatures, flow rates, materials, threads and the number of ports, including their size and configuration.

Our thermostatic cartridge-style valve designs can also be integrated into a custom manifold design if one of our standard valve styles does not meet your system’s needs.